Strategies to Help Your Toddler Read

Toddlers can learn anything especially reading if taught properly. They enjoy reading because for them it is fun and very simple for them. In the first five years of age of your baby’s life, they are like a sponge and able to absorb and learn to pick language very fast and quickly, especially if the lesson on language is presented in a fun and great way.

When trying to teach babies and toddlers something, they should not be pressured in any way just to the satisfaction of parents. However, toddlers can really learn to read without being pressured and if they really enjoy it.

As a start for parents they can buy a reading program to teach their toddler. These programs come in a package and comes with different materials that are great for your toddlers, it comes also with instructions on how to teach them to your child. You can opt also for parents to create their own reading materials to be used. It is rather time consuming though and it is better to spend your time with your child rather than making materials.

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Using Flashcards

Most reading program comes with flash cards and they are very effective in teaching your children to teach reading. The best way to use these flashcards is to place them in a location that you and your toddler is frequent. You can put them in the changing station, especially if your potty training your toddler, with this you can go through the flashcards few times daily.

Being consistent is the key in teaching language to your kid, proper exposure is important too. If the changing area technique is successful, you might want also to use mealtime as a good time to go through the flashcards.

Using Reading DVDs

When you purchase a reading a program, it comes with a series of DVDs that can teach your toddler to read. This a very useful tool because it teaches your toddler to read in different approach and in a fun and creative way. It puts zero pressure to your toddler and parents can join in the fun also by watching the interactive video making it more fun.

However, it is advised that you let your child do the interaction by himself. This the convenience of using reading DVDs. You should play the DVD on a certain time of the day and make it a routine. It is fun to watch your toddler learn to read right before your eyes.